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There are such TV and Newspaper news in Google as “Danger”, “Dirtier than toilette”, and “It is impossible to hide this”, when “can beverages” is searched.

Ignoring this, after these facts, is ignoring the reality.

::….. Newspaper Danger News…..::

Scientific Fact:beverage Cans Are Full Of Germs!

Beverage cans are generally stored and transported in plastic tertiary packages. During these processes germs and bacterias nest on the can surfaces. As Profesor Wolfgang Graninger from Vİenna Clinic of Infections and Tropical Diseases confirm, the spread of Diarrhea and Hepatitis A from contaminated beverage cans is highly probable, especially in Southern countries. Profesör Graninger indicates that he never drinks from cans.
Also a study made by INMETRO – Spain, scientifically proved that the beverage cans are even more polluted than toilets.

::…..Television Danger News…..::

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::…..World News…..::

Contaminated Beverage Can Took Life In Switzerland!

A woman who drank directly from the beverage can while picnicing near Genfer lake lost her life.
The autopsy revealed that the young woman died of Leptospirosis Fulgurante. The can she drank from was inspected and it it was found out that the can surface was contaminated by rat urine, causing Leptospirosis.

The beverage cans are stored in depots full of rats and they are distributed to sales points in a contaminated state. In some occasions, the results can be deadly.


Dozens of kids got seriously poisoned by Coca Cola cans in Belgium.
The cans that were produced in France and got filled in Belgium were contaminated by this pesticide. The sale of cans that were filled in Antwarpen, Belgium was banned. The General Manager of Coca Cola Belgium, Philippe Lenfant, argued that the hazard was contained within the borders of Belgium.
The so called “flawed” production of the cans as well as contact with the pesticide while the cans were stored on wooden palletes is shown responsible for the poisonings.

Putting Hazard Warnings on Beverage Cans is a Legal Obligation in Argentina!

In Argentina, it is a legal obligation to put labels on beverage cans that warns the consumers about the dangers of drinking from a can.
In its decision promulgated April 21 .

Argentinian Food Regulation:
Article 198 – The food and beverages that are on sale or are being transported for sales purposes should be protected against possible contaminations like contact with dust, mud, bugs and etc. The relevant document should be prepared by authorised personnel .


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