Mypac A.Ş, the pioneering and innovative approach to identity, bringing a new vision to the world beverage industry, eco-friendly packaging company.

Mypac Incorporation is an eco- friendly packaging company that brings a new vision to the beverage market with its pioneering attitude and visionary approach. The patented hygiene and carrying solutions we developed for single and multi beverage packs revolutionize the international beverage market and global health.

As Mypac Inc, we do not only follow the new trends, we set them. We identify the needs of producers and fillers as well as end consumers, hence enabling ourselves to produce solutions that would create new standards in the market.

Realizing that the present packaging systems do not meet the demands of the age and the market, after 5 years of R&D studies with Germany’s leading companies and experts, Mypac developed its patented solutions that offer unique innovations in terms of transportation, storage, visual quality, user friendliness and hygiene.

The profound experience of our project partners and their belief in our vision constitute the backbone of our success.

Mypac Systems Inc. Germany Central Administration

  • Joachim Schöffer
      Joachim SchöfferBerlin Central
    • Franz-Josef Patzelt
        Franz-Josef PatzeltBerlin Central
      • Christian Tölke
          Christian TölkeBerlin Central
        • Hubert Kröger
            Hubert KrögerBerlin Central
          • Maksut Çağlar
              Maksut ÇağlarBerlin Central

            Mypac Systems Inc Turkey’s Central Administration

            • Bülent Baylav
                Bülent BaylavTurkey General Manager
              • Hakan Okay
                Hakan OkayMarketing Consultant
              • Taner Özdeş
                Taner ÖzdeşSales Consultant
              • Baykal Baylav
                  Baykal BaylavTurkey Operations Manager

                Mypac Systems Inc. Regional Marketing and Sales Staff

                • Berat Gürbüz
                  Berat GürbüzAnkara Sales Manager
                  • Ercan Çetin
                    Ercan ÇetinSakarya Sales Manager
                    • Ali Arslan
                      Ali Arslanİzmir Sales Manager
                      • Ali Turan
                        Ali TuranIstanbul Bostanci Sales Manager
                        • Selin Kaya
                          Selin KayaSamsun Sales Manager
                        • Melis Yakan
                          Melis Yakanİstanbul Bakırköy Sales Manager
                        • Alper Ceyhan
                          Alper CeyhanKayseri Sales Manager
                        • Duygu Kars
                          Duygu KarsCentral Sales Executive
                        • Murat Işık
                          Murat Işıkİstanbul Ataşehir Sales Manager

                        OUR MISSION

                        Boxed hygienic beverage industry, to produce innovative solutions to economic and,establish automatic capping machine it will be integrated into production facilities, until the last point accessible retail consumers, to provide fast and quality services at every stage.

                        OUR VISION

                        To provide customers with 1,600,000,000 of the total can beverages consumed annually in Turkey in the year 2020 with hygienic caps.
                        We provide consumers with hygienic cap in 20 cities at 800 Retail point for now. We are able to reach monthly 2,000,000 consumers directly.

                        Over 800 Points

                        Currently, 20 different City

                        2 million Poles Transportation


                        Mypac and innovation are synonyms for us.

                        Mypac Corp., not remaining limited with the existing innovations, is carrying on its R&D work, with the purpose of meeting the changing needs and expectations of corporate customers and consumers. All innovations are checked studiously, and are not sold into the market unless they go through dense tests.

                        Mypac Corp. believes that it is a must to develop products constantly and to make bring about innovations by monitoring the can beverage sector closely.


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